The National Maritime Academy (NMA) is a national, non-profit training institution that applies the highest standards of professional services based on the most efficient levels of practical and theoretical training to educate Saudi youths in the marine training sector.

The Academy aligns with the initiatives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aim to raise the levels and efficiency of Saudi youth and provide them with the knowledge necessary to develop the labor market and occupy jobs based on advanced professional disciplines in marine training.

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Maritime training  … An exciting opportunity with a promising future

We will help you embark on an exciting career path by providing a practical development journey in line with the highest international training standards.

We believe that success consists of passion and knowledge. Therefore, if you have passion, we will provide you with knowledge.


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Our objective is to train Saudi youths in accordance with the highest international standards. Therefore, we are proud of our strategic partnership with Saudi BAE Systems Saudi Development and Training as the academic operator of the Academy. This partnership offers more than 25 years of experience in training and development and a set of advanced training programs in accordance with the highest standards, using the latest technologies for the marine services sector.

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